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Lakeside lodges boast three established lakes. A fishing permit is provided for all guests, but you will also need your own Environment Agency fishing licence too.

The lakes can be fished all year round; they are well stocked with Carp (common & mirror), Rudd, Roach and Bream.

Fishing Rules

(For the benefit of all cabin guests and the well being of the fish)

  • Please use the steps to get down to the waters edge
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Carp nets must be used
  • 35lb maximum in one keep net
  • All fish 5lb and over to be weighed and released
  • All fish to be landed in landing nets
  • All excess bait and litter to be put in the bins provided
  • Baits to be used: carp pellets, maggots, worms, bread, casters and paste (on hook only)
  • No bigger than a 50mm feeder or pole cup to be used
  • Feeder/pole cup baits can be pellets, micro pellets, crushed pellets or bread punch

 Do not use the Following

  • Any ground bait
  • Meat of any kind (including pet food)
  • Sweet corn
  • Hemp/ tares
  • Nuts
  • Dog biscuits
  • Boilies

 Please contact 07971810089 for any further questions

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